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One of the features of “Battlefield 2042” is destruction. But what extent can the players expect? DICE Community Manager Kevin Johnson compares the shooter with another title.

DICE has one later this week new gameplay trailer for “Battlefield 2042” released, which introduces some of the new maps that players can use to go into battle for the launch of the shooter.

But what about the elements of destruction in “Battlefield 2042”? Shortly after the video was published, a statement was published, which makes it clear that the destruction in the new shooter can be compared with what was seen in “Battlefield 5”. This is supposed to be the case on most maps.

Destroyed villages and more

The statement comes from DICE Community Manager Kevin Johnson, who indicated on Twitter that fans can expect “the level of destruction of Battlefield 5”.

Johnson in full: “You can expect the destruction level of Battlefield 5 on most maps. On some, entire areas are destroyed, such as Hourglass. A village can be destroyed in the south of the map. For others, it is as shown in the trailer! Besides these bombastic moments like the Orbital rocket. “

Several battle areas await you

In a separate tweet, Johnson also commented that the new maps have battlefields “inside” that will focus on infantry combat. This will happen while other fights are going on around you, which sounds plausible when you consider that there will be 128-player matches in Battlefield 2042.

“Many of these places that we bring in have battlefields within them. If you are specifically looking for infantry combat, stay in certain areas and you will experience this while major combat takes place around you. There’s nothing to force you to go anywhere else, ”Johnson said.

More news about Battlefield 2042:

Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19, 2021. Early Access will start on November 12, 2021. You will find more in advance in our news overview “Battlefield 2042” reports.

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