Facebook celebrates 5 years of Workplace

celebrate Facebook this week marks the fifth anniversary of the workplace platform Workplace, where help The company’s professional platform now has more than 7 million employees, in hundreds of companies, keeping in touch with key internal updates and collaborating on projects in new and evolving ways.

And the platform still seems like something many companies avoid, especially given the various controversies about the company. But workplace momentum is growing, with the platform seeing a 40 percent increase in users amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Since 2016 some of the world’s most innovative organizations, including Walmart, Vodafone, Banco Galicia and Vision India Foundation, have seen the impact of this workplace, Facebook said. And in the past year we’ve had companies like BT, C&A, English National Opera, Petco, Sephora and Virgin Australia along with a slew of local businesses.

The shift to blended work models, with employees balancing their time between home and the office, helped boost momentum for the application, while the company continued to add more functionality to its workplace offerings, with a growing suite of facilities and tools to help maximize productivity.

Workplace is basically Facebook. But only for your internal communication and sharing. This saves companies a lot of time in training, as the vast majority of people are familiar with Facebook and its communication options. While the added capacity of live broadcasting, file sharing, internal advertising, and more provide important advantages.

But as noted, there are concerns associated with the company’s branding. Five years ago, Facebook said, it was difficult to market the product. It took early visionary leaders to join us. The impact of the workplace was difficult to explain. But we’ve seen our clients empower people to transform their businesses into communities and we have faith that the rest of the world is watching soon, too.

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Facebook launched Workplace five years ago

Workplace has helped many companies improve their collaboration and communication with familiar and powerful tools that can be easily adopted in business.

Whether you trust Facebook to save your internal data or not, many companies now do. It appears that in a post-pandemic world, there may be an increased demand for such tools, which sees Workplace continue to grow.

The company is clearly ready to become a larger part of our daily lives in all aspects with the Workplace tool that provides more ways for companies to enhance connectivity and increase community in the app.

Here are five ways Workplace is helping individuals and businesses transition into the next era of work:

  • Connecting businesses of all sizes.
  • Building an integrated system to connect people with the tools they use every day.
  • Helping people navigate the changing world of work by connecting and supporting remote and mixed teams.
  • Get the right information to the right people with features like groups and a knowledge library.
  • Make the company conversation more two-way with direct questions, answers, and comments.

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