FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Spectrum Plan has been published by CRA

For the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 (FAC 2021), which will take place from November 30 to December 18, the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has issued a spectrum plan. It was designed to inform stakeholders about the CRA’s strategy for the use of radio spectrum during FAC 2021, as well as all of its related processes to ensure the best use of radio spectrum during the event’s duration.

These processes for authorising radio spectrum usage are described in detail in this plan, which also includes a list of potential radio applications and equipment that may be employed during FAC 2021. For FAC 2021 in all locations, it also outlines what procedures CRA would employ for spectrum management and monitoring in order to detect any illegal use of radio frequencies. Everyone should contact CRA as soon as possible before FAC 2021 begins and submit all needed papers in order to receive CRA’s approvals on time and prevent any delays.

“The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is a good opportunity to test the CRA’s different automated systems for managing and monitoring of the radio spectrum in Qatar, which is one year ahead of the set date to host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The CRA encourages all stakeholders to review the Spectrum Plan for FIFA Arab Cup 2021 to consider the different channelling arrangements that will be available for the event and to learn about all the procedures related to managing, assigning, licensing, and monitoring of the radio spectrum, which will contribute to facilitating and meeting their requirements, and thus getting familiarized with the radio spectrum procedures and requirements for the World Cup,” said H E Mohammed Ali Al Mannai, President of CRA.

As the regulatory and management body for all matters relating to the use of radio spectrum in Qatar, the CRA is also responsible for the establishment of an efficient approval process for telecommunications equipment in the country. Class Licenses and Radio Spectrum Licenses are among those that the CRA has the ability to issue and alter. It can also suspend and revoke them as well as set forth the conditions for their issuance.

Radio Frequency Authorization is required to operate radio-communication equipment or use radio frequencies without a Radio Spectrum Licence or Radio Frequency Authorization from the (CRA). CRA also oversees licensees’ compliance with the terms and conditions of their licences and may take any actions and processes necessary to ensure that they do so in a timely manner.


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