Google brings Snapchat’s camera to its phones

As part of its recent product presentation, Google previewed the upcoming Quick Tap to Snap functionality for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices, which enables users to take a photo or video on Snapchat directly from the lock screen.

And by using the double-tap function on the back of your Pixel phone, you can then directly access the Snapchat camera, if you have the app installed.

AndShe said Snap Inc.: For the first time, we’re making Snapchat’s camera accessible directly from the phone’s lock screen.

By tapping on the back of your phone, you can create snapshots and use lenses directly from the lock screen without having to unlock your phone.

Once your snapshot is ready to share, log into your phone to unlock the full app experience right away.

And you still have to be signed in to your device to send the snaps. But that’s still a fairly important acknowledgment of Snap’s value, as the functionality is built right into the phone, simplifying content creation.

Google appears to be looking to use Snapchat’s credibility to sell more Pixel phones. But either way, it’s another valuable partnership for Snap, as the company is also forging strong bonds with Apple on the latest augmented reality tools and processes.

AndShe said Snap: We’re also collaborating with Google to launch exclusive augmented reality lenses, as well as support for some Pixel features, such as Ultra Wide Angle, live translation within the Snapchat camera, and chat via Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. You can take wide-angle shots, talk to your friends in more than 10 languages, and translate conversations in real time.

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Google Adds New Integration With Snapchat

The new partnership underscores Snap’s growing presence as a major provider of augmented reality. With direct links now to the largest mobile operating system developers on the planet.

And that could help Snap better facilitate the next phase of AR communication. AR glasses will likely require connection to a mobile device to facilitate full functionality.

Apple is developing augmented reality glasses. It was reported last month that her glasses may be linked wirelessly to a phone or similar device. In order to get the most advanced features.

This could become a hindrance to Facebook’s augmented reality device. This means that Facebook needs to either build larger glasses, launch a phone, or something like that.

Meanwhile, Apple and Google can rely on their ubiquitous iOS and Android devices to power augmented reality glasses.

And if Snap can solidify its relationship with both companies. This could pave the way for a more advanced version of Spectacles sometime in the near future.

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