Google Maps: Mystery of strange hole in the ocean solved

The network community is preoccupied with a black hole in the middle of the Pacific. What the unusual “drain” is about is no longer a secret. On Google Maps, the triangular hole appears very different from what it actually looks like.

Google Maps: Riddle about the “drainage of the world” revealed

Reddit users speculate about the supposed “Outflow of the World”which can be viewed on Google Maps in the Pacific Ocean. In particular, the unusual shape and color are a topic of conversation. Contrary to what was initially assumed, this is not an offshoot of the Bermuda Triangle. The assumption that “God dropped his guitar pick here” could not be confirmed either.

Instead, the existence of the mysterious hole is far less spectacular. It’s just that Vostok atoll, which belongs to the island state of Kiribati (source: Google Maps). The black color is also easy to explain, because the vegetation of the atoll looks rather dark from a greater distance. On the Vostok Atoll, mainly pisonia trees can be found, which have a dense canopy of leaves.

Previously it was suspected that Google was doing a military facility censored. There was also speculation about a possible connection to the Netflix series Squid Game.

in the Video: Tips and tricks for using Google Maps.

Vostok Atoll: Alleged hole suddenly popular

The new popularity of the atoll has also meant that Vostok is now on an average on Google Maps Rating of 4.3 stars comes. It remains to be seen who of the evaluating people is really a “local guide”.

The negative point is that it no wifi there and the “lady at the counter” of the completely uninhabited atoll is said to have been rather unfriendly. On the other hand, the alleged fact that the volleyball Wilson known from the movie Cast Away was encountered here is positive.

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