How to upload photos to Instagram via computer

You can upload photos to Instagram via the computer if you are a member of the limited trial of the application, as the company launched a beta version that allows you to upload photos directly.

But if you are not a member of this limited experience, you may have difficulty uploading photos to Instagram via computer.

Therefore, today we offer you two different ways from the official way to upload photos to Instagram via the computer.

The first method is via Vivaldi Browser

One of the most customizable and customizable, Vivaldi Browser is the fastest and easiest way to upload images directly.

By running the mobile version of Instagram in the form of a bar in the browser, you can do this by following the following steps:

Head to the official website of the browser and download and install it on your device, then head to the Instagram website via the official link for them, and click on the + sign in the sidebar on the left.

When the address is automatically filled in, you need to press the mark again, and the mobile version will automatically appear on the left side.

Through this version, you can fully interact with the platform through it and control it and its choices completely.

And you can log in to your account and upload photos to Instagram via the + sign on the platform.

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The second method is to install Instagram through an emulator

There are plenty of Android emulator apps that you can install in your device, as these emulators allow you to install Android apps directly through it.

You can also use your own accounts in different applications through the emulator, and you can play games as well.

You can sign up with your main account or sign up with more than one emulator account to use them all.

And you can count on BlueStacks emulator as it is one of the best emulators in operation and specifications.

The emulator also has a Mac version, so you don’t need to look for another emulator if you have a Mac.

And you can rely on the emulator application completely, as it works in a way similar to the application in the mobile phone.

So you won’t have a hard time using it, as its interface won’t be too foreign to you.

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