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Messenger lets the whole group share the AR experience

Facebook Messenger platform added Feature Group Effects, which allows everyone in a video call to participate in the same augmented reality experience at the same time.

The effects are now available via Messenger video calls as well as Messenger Rooms, the service’s Zoom-like video conferencing feature. Also available soon on Instagram.

Group Effects are new augmented reality experiences that can expand the ability of everyone on a video call at the same time, allowing for a more fun way to connect with friends and family.

Whether you want to up your competitive game or have fun with your friend 3,000 miles away, Group Effects makes video calling even more entertaining.

Group Effects works with everyone on the video call, allowing you to enjoy multiplayer gaming experiences with your friends.

In other words, AR effects have become a shared experience. Video calls are personal and immersive. And you get to choose from a library of more than 70 group effects.

To check out Group Effects, head to the Messenger app, start a video call, tap the smiley face to open the effects drawer, and select Group Effects.

Group Effects allows creators to bring their creative ideas into the video calling experience across the platform. Many of the AR effects were a solo experience or enhanced a photo or video of Stories or Reels.

With Group Effects, content creators like Ross Wakefield, who designed the Blow the Dandelion effect, have a new field of creativity.

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Messenger calling just got more exciting with AR experiences

Group Effects provides a more engaging and interactive way to communicate with your friends. It also supports the creative community and gives people more ways to express themselves.

We all rely on video calls to bring physical distance and interact with the world around us. And with this new feature, those interactions become more memorable.

The company is expanding access to the Spark AR Multipeer API to allow more creators and developers to build group effects.

And with the Spark Multipeer API, all creators and developers can create dynamic, real-time interactive effects for larger audiences while changing the way people approach video calls.

And along with shared collective AR experiences. Facebook also announced a bunch of small features coming to its chat services this month.

The new word effects feature allows iOS Messenger users to play an animation in the chat when a specific phrase is used. There are also new Soundmojis to associate with No Time to Die.

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