New Nvidia graphics card costs a fortune – even makes the RTX 3090 look cheap

Nvidia doesn’t just make its money with graphics cards for gamers. In recent months, the manufacturer has also expanded its portfolio to include models that have been specially developed for mining. The CMP 170HX, the flagship of the new series, has now appeared in online auction houses and is being traded there for an impressive 4,300 US dollars.

New Nvidia graphics card sells for $ 4,300

The hardware crisis continues and also has a negative impact on the availability of graphics cards. Graphics accelerators from AMD and Nvidia have been in short supply for over a year, which is leading to utopian prices on the market.

This is exactly what has officially prompted Nvidia to artificially throttle the mining performance of its normal gaming graphics cards and instead offer special mining GPUs for crypto miners that work significantly more efficiently.

Now a new graphics card model of the mining segment has appeared in the network: the CMP 170HX – the top model in the new range. However, the card was not officially presented – it only appeared on a few auction sites. The dealers demand the equivalent of just under 4,300 US dollars for the mining graphics card.

For comparison: The GeForce RTX 3090, currently the fastest gaming graphics card from Nvidia, has an RRP of 1,499 euros. So the CMP 170 HX is twice as expensive as its gaming counterpart (Source: Tom’s Hardware).

While Nvidia is working on new graphics cards, Apple recently presented a new MacBook – more on this in the GIGA headlines:

When the new mining graphics card will officially go on sale – and at what price – is still open.

The mining division is having teething problems

Although the mining of cryptocurrency is still in vogue, Nvidia’s previous sales with the mining graphics cards are still below its own expectations.

However, Nvidia seems to want to stick to the mining strategy in the future as well. It remains to be seen whether the stamina will pay off in the end. Cryptocurrencies are currently quite profitable, but miners will still do well huge collapse of the Bitcoin price in May 2021 remember and sometimes exercise a little more caution in the future.

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