S’hail 2021 to launch its mobile app for exhibition

“S’hail 2021” has announced the debut of the Katara International Hunting & Falcons Exhibition’s new mobile application. With the app, guests can buy the S’hail auction ticket and bid on falcons.

“The Organizing Committee of S’hail exhibition is pleased to announce the launching of S’hail application through which you can get your entry ticket to S’hail exhibition and bid on falcons participating in S’hail auction,” the Cultural Village Foundation said on its Twitter account.

To be held from tomorrow to September 11, the expo will include 160 multinational firms from 19 different nations from different continents. Taking place in Katara, this is the largest falcon, hunting, and camping equipment show in the Middle East. The opening hours are from 10 am to 10 pm, and on Friday from 2 pm to 11 pm.

“S’hail” organiser Malika Mohammad Al Shuraim remarked that this event is one of the most prominent hunting exhibits that attract a large crowd and is eagerly anticipated by many hunters. “The exhibition brings together major companies selling global hunting weapons and rifles,” she added. This version will stand out since the space has been expanded from prior editions.

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) inked an agreement with the Social & Sport Contribution Fund (Daam) yesterday as a supporter of the 5th edition of Katara (S’hail 2021).  At a press conference, Katara’s General Manager, Prof Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, and Daam’s CEO, Abdul Rahman Abdul Latif Al Mannai, spoke on the matter.

Katara and the Daam Fund’s collaboration, which Al Sulaiti praised, was one of the most essential elements in the success and distinctiveness of the show, according to Al Sulaiti.

“The cooperation of Katara and the Social & Sport Contribution Fund (Daam) contributes to strengthening the leadership of the S’hail Exhibition, which has become an attractive global destination for owners of falconers, hunting enthusiasts and campers, and an important forum for exchanging opinions and experiences about the world of falconry and hunting.” Al Sulaiti stated that the agreement seeks to give show organisers the required support.

Abdul Rahman Abdul Latif Al-Mannai, CEO of Daam, expressed his satisfaction at continuing to sponsor S’hail in its fifth edition. “It is our belief in the importance of a culture of hunting and falconry breeding in the Qatari society, in order to preserve this ancient heritage.”

“The support of this event comes within the framework of achieving the vision of the Fund aimed at supporting activities that would revive the Qatari cultural heritage,” he added.

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