The Ministry of Public Health updates the travel ‘red list’ in Qatar

More countries have been added to the red travel list of Qatar, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed on Monday. The update was based on the risk of Covid-19 in each country, the Ministry of Public Health noted.

With the addition of another 14 nations, the total number of nations on the red list now stands at 167. Egypt, Morocco, Comoros and Iraq are among the countries on the “red list,” which also includes Syria, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon and Tunisia

After 11 countries were removed, there are now only 11 on the green list, down from 11. The list includes Australia, Canada, Croatia, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

There are now 27 states on the yellow list, compared to 33 before the update. The new list includes Algeria, Austria, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Brunei Darussalam, China, Chile, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Finland, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Kuwait, Mozambique, Macau, Norway, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Slovenia, Singapore, South Korea, Uganda and the UAE.

Quarantine for five days will be imposed on unvaccinated travellers from countries on the green list and on those who have received unapproved vaccines in Qatar or who have received the second dose in less than 14 days. A PCR test will be administered to this group on the fourth day, at a primary care facility. If the test is negative, the passenger will be released on the fifth day.

Visitors from countries on the “yellow list” must stay in a hotel for seven days, and on the sixth day, they will be subjected to a PCR test at the hotel. After seven days, the passenger will be cleared if the test results are negative.

Visitors from countries on the red list will have to stay in a hotel for 10 days at their own expense. They will be subjected to a  PCR test on the ninth day of the quarantine. If the test results are negative they will be released on the tenth day.

A green, yellow, and red list of countries has been created by the Ministry of Health, based on the risk level and the spread of Covid-19 The ‘Special Risk 6-Country Zone’ includes Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

Covid-19 vaccinated travellers from countries on the ‘Special Risk 6-Country Zone’ list must stay in a hotel for two days and can leave on the second day of their quarantine if the PCR test comes back negative. If you haven’t been vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19, you must stay in a hotel for 10 days.

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