Time Travel Adventure for PSVR has an appointment

After the original release period could not be met, the PSVR game “Wanderer” now has an exact date. In addition, a few sparse details about the game were given.

Wanderer: Time Travel Adventure for PSVR has an appointment

The time travel adventure “Wanderer” was supposed to appear in the course of the third quarter. However, as with many games today, developers have postponed the release. The new release date has now been announced: the title will be available exclusively for PlayStation VR on January 27th next year.

Explore different epochs of contemporary history

In this game you wander through various epochs of contemporary history to change the course of things. As Ash Neumann, you are looking for your grandfather’s missing apartment, which contains mysterious artifacts.

In addition to the exact release date, the managing producer revealed a few details about the game mechanics and certain areas. The themed time travel is based on the concept of black holes and their change in space and time. With the help of your space transporter you can jump in time. The more you use it, the better you will understand it.

In addition to past periods of time, you will be able to experience different versions of the future. As an example, the developer lists the city of Boston in 2061, which appears in a futuristic guise.

Throughout the game, she wears a wristwatch that proves to be extremely useful in several ways and can be improved upon. Unfortunately, no more detailed information was given.

You can find the announcement trailer and further information here:

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Incidentally, PS Plus members get three VR offshoots as a bonus this month. One of them can even be played without VR glasses. This will be a total of six games offered.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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