Twitch now has a new category that you’ve been waiting for a long time

Cats watch them play? Wolves in the wild? Or night vision devices in the rainforest? Twitch has a new category that animal fans among you will love.

Soon there won’t be anything on Twitch that doesn’t exist – and in this case that’s a good thing: Because from now on Twitch has a new category, all of them Streams to animals, zoos and aquariums summarizes. If the cute cat pictures on Instagram or the videos on TikTok are not enough for you, you can watch cats and all sorts of other animals around the clock here.

Perhaps the most relaxing site on the internet

With the new Twitch category “Animals, Aquariums and Zoos” The streaming platform combines all animal streams under one heading. This not only includes streams from Animal rescue organizations, but also Zoo streams and Streams from individuals showing their pets live on Twitch. See wolves in New York and learn something about the beautiful animals at the same time, watch underwater creatures at MontereyAq or watch a cat mom with her babies at Cuteavalanche.

The new animal category on Twitch was born in the name of the recent Animal Week. In addition, Twitch explains here that it is also interactive animal streams should give, in which you can interact with the animals through donations. An example would be the cat stream from Kittenclubhouse, in which you drop a ball into the cat house using Bits. In any case, one thing is certain: there is probably nowhere else where there are more relaxing streams.

Animal streams existed before, but now they can all be found in at least one place. Something that could have happened sooner. If you haven’t seen any animal streams yet, we recommend that you take a look: After all, there are not only 24/7 cameras here, but also informative streams about all kinds of animal species.

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