Would you have guessed it? This is what Tesla’s “T” really stands for

What does the “T” in the logo actually mean? A question that keeps Tesla fans worried. The answer comes from Tesla boss Elon Musk personally. But he doesn’t seem to have paid attention to all the details.

Elon Musk: Fan theory about the Tesla logo is correct

The logo on all cars from electrical pioneer Tesla shows a stylized “T” – it is clear what that stands for. After all, it is no coincidence that Volkswagen has a “V” and a “W” on its vehicles. It is of course the first letter of the brand name, all questions answered – or not, as in the case of Tesla.

Because there is more to the American logo than meets the eye. Tesla boss Elon Musk has also confirmed this, as usual on Twitter:

There it says: “Similar to SpaceX, the T is like the cross section of an electric motor, just like the X resembles the trajectory of a rocket. ”With this, Musk confirms a theory that had been discussed in the Tesla fan base years earlier.

According to this, the structure resembling a “T” should actually represent part of the cross-section of an electric drive: So actually show the logo rotor and stator – One moving and one immovable component – the drive. The double crossbar of the “T” could also be explained in this way, which fans suspect symbolizes the gap between the two components.

Doesn’t Musk know his own Tesla engines?

Apparently, Musk and the responsible department at Tesla have not looked very closely: A user of the Quora questions portal points out that the “T” in Tesla’s logo is more like part of the cross-section of a DC motor. That went stupid, because this is exactly what Tesla does not install itself. Whether the presentation is ultimately accurate depends on the actual structure of a Tesla engine. You have to admit that Tesla knows their own cars well.

Incidentally, meaningful brand logos are not uncommon: As Musk himself has confirmed, the “X” in the name of his space company SpaceX also has a special meaning. Of the The curved letter is supposed to represent the trajectory of a rocket. And there is also a deeper meaning behind the cryptic, “B” -like character in the Bluetooth logo.

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