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For more than six years now, European gamers have been able to find out about new games in the PlayStation Now offer be happy. With the service it is possible to choose from hundreds of games and download or stream them. Optionally, this is not only possible on PS4 and PS5, but also on PC.

This October, the portfolio was again expanded to include top-class titles, including Naughty Dogs “The Last of Us: Part 2”. We took this as an opportunity to recommend ten of the best games that you can currently play as part of Sony’s service.

Recommendation # 1: BioShock range

It starts with the “BioShock” series, the offshoots of which have received the highest praise from both the specialist press and players. All three parts, ie “BioShock”, “BioShock 2” and “BioShock: Infinite”, are available as part of the remaster collection “BioShock: The Collection”.

What all the titles have in common is that they take you into extremely atmospheric game worlds, in which numerous dangers as well as exciting and, above all, winding stories await you. The twist of the first part of the game series is now almost legendary and the end of the so far last part of the series certainly caused some jaws to drop, especially because of its end. In addition, the games can also convince playfully and offer handy shooter passages including small environmental puzzles.

Recommendation No. 2: Final Fantasy VII

Few other video game classics that are on PlayStation Now enjoy a similar reputation as “Final Fantasy VII”, which is still one of the best offshoots of the series for many fans of the JRPG series. Since the remake of the cult game is no longer included in the service, we would like to recommend you the HD version of the classic, which corresponds to the PC version of the title.

A journey through time into a bygone video game era awaits you and, if you already know this title, a journey of discovery full of nostalgia. Back then, the game set the standard, not just for its own franchise, but the entire genre. The story about ex-SOLDIER Cloud as well as Aerith, Tifa & Co. offers one of the probably most iconic deaths in gaming history and still knows how to convince today with its demanding and tactically demanding turn-based combat system.

Recommendation # 3: God of War saga

The “God of War” saga once began on the PlayStation 2 and has become one of Sony’s most popular brands over the years. To date, the series comprises a total of no less than seven video games, all of which can be found in the PlayStation Now catalog. So if you’ve missed one of Kratos’ adventures so far or want to relive its entire story, you’ve come to the right place. It is a series of games that no PlayStation fan with a weakness for visually stunning action should miss.

You have access to the original trilogy (“God of War”, “God of War II”, “God of War III”) as well as the PS3 prequel “God of War: Ascension” and the two originally published for PSP Spin-offs “God of War: Chains of Olympus” and “God of War: Ghost of Sparta”. If you have slaughtered your way through various monsters and myths of Greek mythology, the latest and simply “God of War” titled fourth main part of Kratos’ journey, which leads him to the far north, into the realm of the Aesir, is waiting for you.

Recommendation No. 4: ICO

With their little action adventure “ICO”, Sonys have now proven closed Japan Studiosthat video games can be more than just entertainment. To this day, the title, which already gained a reputation as an insider tip during the PS2 era, is one of the best examples that games can also be true works of art.

The attraction and emotional impact of the game is not conveyed through its graphics or sophisticated dialogues, but rather through its gameplay and the animations of the characters. To this day, the game has inspired numerous subsequent titles and thanks to PlayStation Now you are able to catch up on this still unique gaming experience in the HD version released for PS3, should it have passed you by by now.

Recommendation No. 5: inFAMOUS range

A new chapter began for Sucker Punch (“Ghost of Tsushima”) on the PlayStation 3, because they jumped on the open world bandwagon and created with “inFAMOUS” a kind of playable superhero comic book that is also available on PlayStation Now . The trick is: Through our decisions, which we are allowed to make regularly as part of the story, we influence whether our character develops into a hero or a villain.

Even today, at a time when more and more video game adaptations of well-known comic characters are appearing, these superhero epics stand out from the crowd. This is not only due to the various decision-making options, which can also influence the main character’s powers, but above all to their comparatively tough and dirty staging – especially in the first part of the brand.

Recommendation # 6: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Of course, not only adult gamers get their money’s worth with PlayStation Now, because the catalog also includes various titles that are also suitable for younger players. As an example, we have chosen “LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham”, one of a total of four LEGO games that are currently in the portfolio. All of these are titles that parents can play together with their offspring without hesitation.

In his third LEGO video game, the Dark Knight teams up with other well-known DC heroes to stop the villain Braniac, who is in the process of shrinking numerous planets and adding them to his collection. The main characters now have to travel to different worlds in order to stop their seemingly overwhelming opponent. The lantern rings, which give your characters new strength, play a special role. Uncomplicated fun and the usual charm of the series await you here.

Recommendation # 7: Metal Gear Solid Saga

With games from the “Metal Gear Solid” series, there are titles from another top-class and traditional gaming brand in the PlayStation Now catalog. You can choose from the “Metal Gear Solid HD Collection” and “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” as well as the two most recent offshoots “Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes” and “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain”. Unfortunately you have to do without the stealth game “Metal Gear Solid”, which is not included in the portfolio. The action game “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” compensates for this.

The series of games created by gaming legend Hideo Kojima is one of the best and most idiosyncratic series in video game history, but they are definitely worth a look. In particular, gameplay and staging set standards in their genre and industry, which is why you can, to a certain extent, explore and relive a not inconsiderable piece of the history of your favorite hobby in a playful way.

Recommendation # 8: Red Dead Redemption series

The Rockstar Games team landed another hit with the first “Red Dead Redemption” for the PlayStation 3 era, which some players might not necessarily have on the list. But the overwhelming feedback from both critics and gamers spoke a clear language, which is why it came as no surprise when the successor “Red Dead Redemption 2” even launched one new world record could set up.

For some time now, both Wild West epics have been included in the PlayStation Now portfolio and as a bonus you even get access to the add-on “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmares”, which unleashes the zombie apocalypse. Just to experience the huge game worlds and the emotionally gripping stories about John Marston and Arthur Morgan, it is worth playing these two open-world monsters.

Recommendation No. 9: Split / Second Velocity

Before Disney began to outsource the work on video games to external teams, the company also had various titles developed in its in-house studios. The last work by Disney’s Black Rock Studio, which was also responsible for “Pure”, was the arcade racing game “Split / Second: Velocity”, which was released in 2010, a year before the company was closed, for the PlayStation 3, among other things has been published.

In the game, which quickly earned the reputation of an insider tip among players, we get behind the wheel of various fictional cars and drive over several routes. The special thing about this is that certain actions, such as long drifts, fill a special display with which so-called power plays can be triggered. With these you can sweep your opponents off the track or change them completely. The demanding and at the same time accessible races are still great fun today, especially in split-screen mode against another player.

Recommendation No. 10: The Last of Us: Part 2

After the success of their cinematic action-adventure series “Uncharted” around adventurer Nathan Drake, Naughty Dog surprised people with the dark “The Last of Us”, in which players travel through the remnants of the United States with Joel and Ellie. Since this month, “The Last of Us: Part 2”, the highly acclaimed sequel, has also been available on PlayStation Now and can be experienced there.

If the first part of the series, as well as the add-on “Left Behind” also contained in the catalog, was about love, the makers of the follow-up focused on the motif of revenge. A decision that was not received positively by all fans, partly due to the demanding way in which this topic is negotiated as part of the story. “The Last of Us: Part 2” is a gaming experience that will definitely be remembered.

Because the PlayStation Now offer is very extensive and varied, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few more games in the form of honorable mentions that you can also play on the streaming service:

  • Ape Escape 2 (PS2)
  • Detroit: Become Human (PS4)
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS3)
  • DOOM (PS4)
  • echochrome (PS3)
  • Flower (PS3)
  • Gravity Rush series (PS4)
  • Heavy Rain (PS4)
  • Injustice series (PS3 / PS4)

  • Limbo (PS4)
  • LocoRoco Remastered (PS4)
  • Nioh series (PS4)
  • Prey (PS4)
  • Sly Cooper: Chase Through Time (PS3)
  • Sonic Generations (PS3)
  • Spec Ops: The Line (PS3)
  • Uncharted 2 & 3 (PS3)
  • Wolfenstein Series (PS4)

Now it’s your turn: Which game do you particularly enjoy playing on PlayStation Now? Let us know in the comments!

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