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A patent has emerged on the Internet that is associated with PSVR 2.0. It shows a design that is reminiscent of a Sony AR prototype.

PlayStation VR recently celebrated its fifth birthday, what you three VR games in November that are unlocked via PS Plus. However, PSVR is no longer state-of-the-art, which makes calls for a successor louder. This is actually in the works and could conquer the market in the coming year.

Patent surfaced

Even though PSVR 2.0 was announced long ago, very little is known about the features. So far, only the new controllers have been presented, in which your individual fingers will play a central role. It is also unclear which design Sony has come up with for the new PlayStation VR model. A patent discovered over the weekend that was linked to PSVR 2.0 connected could give the rough direction.

In the patent, Sony describes the design of a head-mounted display that looks smaller on the images than the currently available PlayStation VR. The hardware is made up of two parts, including the front unit with the display and other technical components and the rear unit, which obviously benefits the wearing comfort. According to the patent description, both parts are elastically connected to one another.

It is possible that some of the technology is installed in the back of the later headset, so that the entire hardware would be less front-heavy. The following tweet shows an excerpt from the patent. The complete patent description can be seen here.

Patent is reminiscent of an AR prototype

The head-mounted display that can be seen in the patent might look familiar to one or the other reader. Because it is very reminiscent of an AR prototype, the Sony presented two years ago has and from which the Ghostbusters AR Experience emerged.

At that time, the company emphasized that the development of hardware is well advanced. The AR glasses presented use a SoC (System-on-a-Chip), which is made up of a CPU and a GPU, among other things. The battery is installed in the rear part of the head mount, which benefits the weight distribution.

The patent gives no indication of what hardware it is intended for. It would be quite conceivable that the AR prototype and PlayStation VR 2.0 would, so to speak, merge with one another and show a very similar look.

Little is known about PSVR 2.0

It is still unclear when the new VR headset will come onto the market and what price Sony will charge for it. Due to the ongoing chip crisis, which also has an impact on the availability of the PS5, a release seems to be a long way off.

More news about PlayStation VR 2.0:

Little is known about the equipment either. First details were only revealed about the successor controller of PS Move. It has a completely different design and is supposed to use the functions of the DualSense. Finger touch recognition is also built in. We have all the other details about the new VR controller summarized in this message.

More messages too .

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