Breakthrough at Ford: New drive transforms combustion engines into e-cars

With the Eluminator E-Crate Motor, Ford is bringing an electric drive for combustion engines onto the market. This means that combustion engines can be replaced, and gasoline or diesel engines can be turned into an e-car – at least in theory, because the e-motor is only a first step.

Ford wants to convert combustion engines: E-car motor comes onto the market as a single part

With its latest development, Ford is taking a lonely step on the way to e-mobility. The US manufacturer wants to convert its models more and more to electric drives. But in addition to the production of new e-cars, one is taking an additional route. From now on Ford sells an electric motor individually in the USA. This allows resourceful hobbyists to build their own electric car out of gasoline or diesel.

The Eluminator E-Crate motor is powerful, based directly on that of Ford’s first Stromer, the Mustang Mach-E in the GT Performance Edition. So brings the E-motor with a whopping 281 hp (Source: Ford). From the truck to the SUV, a lot can be moved with it, and correspondingly smaller models would be really powerfully motorized.

During the development it was also important that the modular electric drive can be installed as easily as possible. It just has to be connected to the drive shaft on the front axle (source: Golem) and is theoretically ready for use.

The costs are also impressive: with only $ 3,900 an electric motor like this alone is significantly more affordable than a fully electric new car. So the price is not the problem, but: If you want to convert your combustion engine to an electric car, you not only need a new motor, but the battery – apart from the minor details.

E-car conversion: Ford is planning further individual parts

And Ford does not yet offer a battery – but it is still to come. You will become one in the future Bring “wide list of components” to market, with which combustion engines can be retrofitted. For this, Ford wants to work with unspecified, well-known manufacturers.

Anyone who wants to buy an e-car should find out more beforehand. There are many misconceptions about the Stromer, and we are clearing some of them Video on:

Typically, the battery cells are the most expensive individual part in e-cars, so very different prices are likely to be charged here in the future. But Ford is breaking new ground in e-mobility and creates a unique selling proposition. However, it is still unclear whether non-brand models can also be easily converted.

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