Dead Space Remake: The Ishimura

In a recent interview, the creative minds behind the “Dead Space” remake looked back at the development of the horror classic. Art director Ian Milham also named the sources of inspiration that the developers drew on when working on the Ishimura.

Dead Space Remake: The Ishimura developers talk about their sources of inspiration

As announced a few months ago, the “Star Wars: Squadrons” makers from EA Motive are currently working on a large-scale remake of the horror classic “Dead Space” originally released in 2008.

To the chagrin of the waiting fans, the studio admitted in September that we should not expect further details and impressions of the “Dead Space” remake until 2022. In an interview with PC Gamer, Ian Milham, the art director responsible for the new edition, looked back at the work on the original “Dead Space” and spoke about the sources of inspiration that were used for the work on the Ishimura. The main concern of the developers here was to always send a cold chill down the spine of the players.

A mixture of a cathedral and a visit to the dentist

Commenting on this, Milham stated, “It was a mixture of a Gothic cathedral and an offshore oil rig – both are huge and deconstructed, and their internal components are clearly visible. The lighting is based on lamps at the dentist, which arouse many unpleasant and frightening associations. The signage was inspired by Japanese subway signs, because they too help people through a maze. ”

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In the first prototype of “Dead Space”, which was created for the original Xbox, the Ishimura looked completely different from the location we know from the final version. For example, Ishimura’s corridors and walls have now been designed to look like the walls are made of chainsaws and claws, recalls Milham.

The remake of “Dead Space” will be released for the PC, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X / S on a date that has not yet been specified.

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