Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Builds for the Druid

In Diablo 2: Resurrected, the druid can not only summon helpful animal companions, but also transform himself into a bear or werewolf. With our build and the matching rune words you can easily reach the endgame.

With the shape change, the animal companions and his fire spells, the druid has three useful build options. For the normal level of difficulty, however, we recommend you a build around the crack skill, because in this phase of the game hardly any other class can keep up with the damage of this skill. In addition, he is fantastic against groupsso that you can defeat entire rooms full of enemies in no time. Later you switch to the wind druid, with whom you finally get to the endgame.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Druid Skills

Beginner build to get started with the game (Levels 1 to 32)

While you with your opponent in the first levels Firestorm heats up, you unlock the skill crack at level 12. The entire build revolves around this extremely powerful skill that tears up the ground and burns enemies with volcanic heat. This means that entire groups of opponents can be eliminated at once.

Up to level 32 we recommend the following skill points and attributes:

All points in vitality


2-5 Firestorm 6-7 Rock Fire 8-11 Firestorm 12-31 Rift 32 Firestorm

You can continue to put points in Firestorm after level 12, even if you only use Rift from that point on. Thanks to the synergy of the two abilities, the crack damage is increased anyway. Also note with the skill that the opponents have to move in order to take damage. So in the best case scenario, open a rift between you and the enemy so that they automatically die when trying to reach you.

Wind druid: Endgame build for the druid (level 33 to 99)

As soon as you reach level 33 in the nightmare difficulty level, you can reset your stats and skills and switch to the wind druid.

50 strength
All other points in vitality

Skill points

Raven 1 Eichbaumweiser 1 Ghost Wolf 1 Dread Wolf 1 Grizzly 1 Arctic Wind 1 Cyclone Armor 5 Twister 1 Tornado 10 Hurricane 4

At level 33 you will have some skill points left. Invest this equally in tornado and hurricane with each further level increase. Finally, bring the following skills to their maximum in this order:

Tornado Hurricane Cyclone Armor Twister

Play style of the wind druid

Activate the skills at any time Eichbaumweiser, Cyclone armor and hurricane. As soon as you meet opponents, you summon one Grizzlywho refuel the damage for you. Your primary skill is Torando. The flight path of the storms takes a lot of getting used to. If possible, stand right next to the enemy to guarantee a hit.

Your soldiers will help you against nudes and tough opponents. Equip the rune word for this strength so that it can deliver a devastating blow.

Helpful rune words for the druid

As long as the druid is using the Rift ability, the rune word leaf is your best bet. After your respec, however, you should switch to the rune word Geist. You can find an overview of all rune words in our guide.

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