Early gameplay to fantasy adventure has arrived

A fantasy title called Project Buramato was announced in August. Now the associated development studio has released more game scenes from the pre-alpha phase.

Project Buramato: Early gameplay for fantasy adventure has arrived

The Indonesian developer studio Ozysoft is working on a fast-paced action adventure that takes place in a half-open fantasy world. Those responsible are inspired by Bornean folk tales.

Recordings from the pre-alpha phase

A new video from the developer now shows game scenes from a very early development phase of the game. You will get an impression of the graphic style, which is characterized by bright colors. The nimble combat system is also demonstrated.

According to official information, the narrative allows for open interpretations and focuses more on the atmosphere. You will fight mythical creatures with action-oriented shooter gameplay. The use of magic plays an important role in this. The surroundings can be entered using a traversal system. Explore the land of the ancient princes using the power of the dark curse.

You can see the announcement trailer and a few pictures here:

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Ozysoft’s last project was the psychological horror game “Pulang Insanity”. Out of 122 submitted ratings, 89 were positive. Now the indie studio is venturing into a fantasy setting.

“Project Buramato” will be released in 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game can now be added to the wishlist on Steam. A play version is to be offered later this year. Check out the pre-alpha gameplay for yourself now.

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