Gotham Knights: Release period probably limited

There is still no date for “Gotham Knights”. However, a graphic that has since been removed could have revealed the target release period.

Gotham Knights: Release period probably limited

“Gotham Knights” could be released in spring 2022. The supposed reference to this is provided by an advertising graphic that was discovered this week.

For example, Jin Park, who worked on the art direction of the campaign and branding for “Gotham Knights,” shared an image on his website that indicated the game’s release window as spring 2022. The website and the picture have since been taken offline. However, it has a good memory:

Since Warner Bros. has not yet given a release date for “Gotham Knights”, we must approach the leaked release window in the spring of 2022 with the usual caution. With the turn of the year not far away, we will likely learn more about the game in the near future, provided it actually stays with a spring 2022 release.

Postponement and new trailer

As part of the previous announcement, both “Gotham Knights” and “Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League” were planned for 2021. Both titles, however, were postponed to 2022without specifying fixed release dates.

The latest trailer for “Gotham Knights” was shown at DC Fandome last month and featured the Council of Owls, among other things. If you missed the clip, you can start the video catch up in this message.

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“Gotham Knights” is in development for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC platforms. Until the launch you can stay in our Topic overview for “Gotham Knights” Keep up to date.

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