Guerrilla on the advancement of mechanical engineering

In “Horizon Forbidden West” the fight against the highly developed machine beings continues. The Community Manager of Guerrilla Games is now informing you in an official blog article how exactly the machines have developed in the sequel.

The developers of Guerrilla Games dedicate themselves to a new one PlayStation articles the animal-like machines from “Horizon Forbidden West”. Just like in the predecessor, Aloy has to face the technologically advanced robots to save the world from destruction.

In “Horizon Zero Dawn” there are over 25 different types of machines. Most of these will also be included in the sequel. It was a difficult task for the developers because a foundation had to be created first. When developing the second offshoot, it was possible to build on this basis.

Of course, several new variants were introduced, such as the nimble claw strider or the extremely dangerous quake tooth. The latter was inspired by a mammoth and, according to de Vries, is “incredibly difficult to defeat“. Because of his tusks and multiple elemental weapons, he can carry out a variety of attacks, which is why you can hardly see through him. Its armor doesn’t make things any easier. The only weakness is its slow movement.

In order to successfully fight the various robot creatures, the developers have equipped Aloy with new weapons and skills. You can find out more about this here:

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Aloy is ready to fight

According to Maxim Fleury, you absolutely have to use the new fighting techniques to defeat all types of machines. In combat, however, you always have several options to choose from. For this, the opponent’s design was made clearer in order to find their weak points. For example, some machines dig for raw materials, which blows up a lot of dust. You can use the dust cloud to sneak up on the enemy unnoticed.

Improved mobility, new sound effects and more mounts

The machines will be significantly more mobile in the successor. They can jump, cling to surfaces, and swim. As a result, escaping them will also be more challenging. Aloy has to prove her new climbing skills or use a smoke bomb to shake it off.

They also make certain sounds when they’re inactive, contacting allies, or attacking. On the PS5, the players will perceive these sound effects much more intensely thanks to the 3D sound.

Fortunately, not all types of machines are brushed for riot. As in the first part, Aloy can take them over and go into battle with them. In addition, there are significantly more mounts to choose from this time.

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