In GCC, the online food delivery business is growing rapidly

COVID-19-related social distance and home-bound limitations have led to substantial development in online companies and delivery portals for food and beverage suppliers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), according to ValuStrat.

Qatari internet food delivery companies have become more competitive since the recent pandemic-driven growth, according to research entitled “Positive Impact of COVID-19. According to the research, Qatar’s food delivery business is worth $185 million in 2020.

Decreased turnaround times, improved customer service, and the total replacement of in-person dining with online delivery was cited in the study as good outcomes. In the same way that customers have become more comfortable buying online, online meal ordering has evolved as a natural next step for them.

“Online ordering offers convenience and time-saving benefits which are especially favoured by Generation-Z because of their hectic and on the go lifestyle, leading to the growing popularity of the online food ordering and delivery market in the GCC,” the report said.

“On the supply side of the online food ordering industry, cloud kitchen is a fast-evolving segment. However, there are concerns about oversupply in developed markets because of the entrance of several players in recent times. Going forward we see some consolidation through mergers and acquisitions.” it said.

“We also predict further disruption in the business model of online delivery as the current framework banks on sky-high commissions that is not sustainable. Blockchain technologies have the potential to re-disrupt the market offering with reduced ‘cost to serve’ for F&B outlets,” the report said.

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