Known issues listed and no voice chat

The Early Access launch of “Battlefield 2042” was not without problems and errors. An official list shows which bugs have already been discovered and are currently being worked on.

While the final version of “Battlefield 2042” will not be released until next week, Early Access participants can immerse themselves in the DICE shooter from today. In the course of the game you will probably come across one or the other bug, as the list of known problems published today is quite long.

One of the problems concerns XP progress. The teams are reviewing reports on 128 player servers that are not awarding correct XP for score events. If you do not see a score confirmation, it means that you are probably on one of the affected servers.

Errors in maps and specialists

Several problems were reported on the different maps. In the weather station on Manifest, there may be a strong flicker of the lighting systems in rare cases while the building is in a destroyed state, which can be a trigger for light-sensitive people. This problem occurs primarily on the PS5.

The specialists from “Battlefield 2042” were also hit: “We have temporarily deactivated Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield because it is currently not behaving as intended. We are working to see what changes we can make. This change will take effect in All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal, ”said DICE.

Numerous other errors were recorded in the user interface. To give an example: The rank displayed in the lower right corner of the main menu is not always updated with the actual rank achieved by the player after an online session. DICE is working to fix this problem and would like to provide updates at a later date.

The Battlefield Portal also caused confusion. DICE writes: “We know that when creating an experience, a message appears stating that you could not create the experience. This is not correct. The experience was created. And updating your page will fix the problem. ”Here, too, an update should follow as soon as possible.

All known bugs on the EA side: The complete and quite extensive overview of the known errors in Battlefield 2042 ″ can be seen here.

For the time being, no integrated voice chat in Battlefield 2042

Become a Battlefield 2042 player initially not be able toto communicate with each other in the shooter via the in-game voice chat. According to Kevin “Totalfps” Johnson, the game’s community manager, voice chat will only be available in the game after the official launch on November 19, 2021.

Johnson recommended that the games use third-party apps such as Discord or parties on Xbox and PlayStation consoles until the function was installed on the PC. The developers of “Battlefield 2042” plan to provide the game with an in-game voice chat shortly after the release.

More news about Battlefield 2042:

Players who own the Gold or Ultimate Edition of the multiplayer shooter can join Early Access today. The 10-hour trial that is waiting for all EA Access and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will also start. The regular launch of “Battlefield 2042”, however, will not take place until November 19, 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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