PS5: Production has apparently been throttled

The chances of being able to buy a PS5 later this year have apparently worsened. According to a report from Bloomberg, Sony had to cut production. There are also said to be problems with logistics, which are also caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A report by Bloomberg according to Sony Interactive Entertainment has involuntarily throttled the production of the PS5. The reason is persistent bottlenecks in the production of components that have plagued the new generation of hardware for about a year.

A million fewer consoles

Building on this, the hardware manufacturer is said to have reduced its production forecast for the current fiscal year from 16 million to 15 million, which means that the original target of shipping 14.8 million PS5 devices in the fiscal year by March 2022 may not be achieved. It also means that it will not be easier for consumers to get hold of the new Sony console in the coming months.

In any case, Sony’s production partners assume that the PlayStation 5 will remain scarce in the coming months and stressed that it will be a challenge to produce enough units to meet the company’s target of 22.6 million sales in the next To achieve fiscal year.

Problems with shipping logistics

Bloomberg sources also claim that Sony is having problems not only with parts supply, but also with shipping logistics. The problems are partly due to the uneven introduction of vaccines in the countries where Sony has chips produced.

“Logistics problems and parts bottlenecks have worsened for Sony, as Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki announced on a conference call at the end of last month,” said Bloomberg. “PS5 sales for the quarter that ended in September were slightly weaker than expected, he said on October 28, after previously warning that a resurgence in the spread of Covid-19 could affect the company’s component supply.”

A current statement from Sony has not yet been issued. However, the persistent difficulties within the production chain also have a major impact on other manufacturers. Among other things, they affect the launch of Valve’s Steam Decks. The appointment was this week postponed to the coming year.

And the annual sales forecast for the Switch has also been reduced by 1.5 million copies. It is also rumored that publishers are gradually shifting to PC versions of games due to the lack of consoles.

More news about the PS5:

Despite the bottlenecks, the PS5 has shipped more than 13.4 million units worldwide since it was launched in November 2020, which is an excellent number. In spite of the countless “Buy PS5” headlines, it is not known when further sales of the PS5 can be expected in this country. Offering an additional opportunity PlayStation Direct, which was launched in Germany a few days ago and is already the first invitations should have sent.

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