Mass Effect 5: New Concept Art Released

On the occasion of the N7-Day on Sunday yesterday, the developers at BioWare provided a fresh concept art for the next offshoot of the “Mass Effect” series. It is speculated that the studio could hint at the return of the geth.

Mass Effect 5: New Concept Art Released - Is The Return Of The Geth Indicated?

As is well known, the developers of BioWare are currently not only working on “Dragon Age 4”. In addition, in November of last year, the ongoing work on the latest offshoot of the “Mass Effect” series confirmed.

The people in charge at BioWare have so far not been able to elicit specific details about the new “Mass Effect”, but with a concept art that was published on the occasion of N7 Day yesterday, Sunday, new speculations were raised. The aforementioned artwork shows a crater, the appearance of which is quickly reminiscent of the geth’s helmet. Could BioWare have indicated that the geth are returning in the new “Mass Effect”?

Will full production not start until 2023?

It will be some time before we finally have tangible details or even first impressions of the next “Mass Effect” chapter. As the usually well-informed journalist and industry insider Jeff Grubb wants to know, full production of “Mass Effect 5” will not start until 2023.

On the subject: Mass Effect 5: Might return to the Unreal Engine

“Right now EA and BioWare are really considering all of the options for Mass Effect 5. And a technical director is important to oversee this process. The company aims to adopt the next generation of visual technology. And by 2023, when Mass Effect 5 development begins in full, Frostbite could be way behind Unreal, ”said Grubb in September.

However, his information has not yet been officially confirmed.

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