New edition of the multiplayer discontinued – rumor

If we believe the industry insider RalphsValve, there will be no new edition of the MW2 multiplayer. For reasons not mentioned, the development was canceled.

Call of Duty MW2 Remastered: reissue of the multiplayer discontinued - rumor

Lately, industry insider RalphsValve attracted attention with several leaks on the “Call of Duty” series. Among other things, he reported that the next part will be a PvPvE mode will be included and in 2023 another “Black Ops” offshoot comes on the market. That being said, he claimed that the new edition of the “Modern Warfare 2” multiplayer has been discontinued.

We remember: In April last year a Remaster version of the popular first person shooter. However, this is only about the campaign, while the multiplayer was not taken into account. Apparently Activision was planning to reissue the online component of “Modern Warfare 2” at a later date. But nothing will come of it.

Why exactly the publisher decided against a multiplayer remaster, the insider did not explain. In his Twitter post, he sums it up briefly:


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The first “Modern Warfare” offshoot from 2007 was again given a completely new edition. The remaster, which contained both the campaign and the online component, was released five years ago. Supporters of the extremely successful successor unfortunately have to be satisfied with the campaign.

In return, fans can expect a sequel to the “Modern Warfare” reboot in the coming year. Infinity Ward is currently working on the next offshoot of the “Call of Duty” series, which is expected to conquer the games market in autumn 2022.

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The campaign allegedly revolves around the fight against a Colombian drug cartel. The innovations should include a moral system and more realistic death animations. In addition, “Call of Duty: Warzone” is to receive a new map again after the release, which is composed of maps from the “Modern Warfare 2” multiplayer.

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