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Bandai Namco Entertainment has officially announced “The Dark Pictures Anthology – The Devil in Me”. In the next offshoot of the multi-part horror series, you are apparently being chased by a psycho killer.

The Dark Pictures - The Devil in Me: Next horror offshoot officially announced

Exactly one week after the release of “House of Ashes”, Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced the next offshoot of the series. As a teaser already revealed in advance, the fourth part is called “The Devil in Me”. This is the final round of the first “The Dark Pictures” season.

Cruel challenges await you

In the season finale you meet a diabolical murderer. The most terrible challenges are waiting for you. In an interrogation, the killer explicitly describes the murder of a person.

Playable characters include multiple documentary filmmakers invited to a recreation of HH Holmes’ infamous Murder Hotel. Upon their arrival, the group quickly realizes that someone is watching them. Soon it is no longer about making a documentary, but about life and death.

As in the previous offshoots, your actions influence who of the characters survives and who doesn’t. You can certainly look forward to an additional co-op mode, with which you can experience the story together with your friends.

A release date or a rough period was not given. However, the past offshoots came out about a year apart. Therefore, “The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me” will probably be released in the third or fourth quarter of 2022.

You can find our test for “House of Ashes” here:

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The scenes shown in the announcement trailer are identical to those from the teaser.

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