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Qatar University inaugurated its Dental Simulation Laboratory, the first of its kind

Doha: College of Dental Medicine of Qatar University inaugurated its Dental Simulation Laboratory. The lab aims to educate the students about the basics of clinical dentistry before they practice on actual patients. The Lab will provide high-quality education and will help the students to learn quickly.

The Dental Simulation Laboratory comes with the newest digital and technological upgrades. This will ease the transition from theoretical learning to clinical application.

“Three years ago, dental education was a dream, and today it has become a reality in the State of Qatar. The College of Dentistry will provide the country’s future-ready dental practitioners to meet the oral health needs of the population,” said Dr Duggal said.

The College of Dentistry of Qatar University is the first national college of dentistry in Qatar. Sixty-two per cent of first-year students are Qataris. Qataris make up half of the 22 second-year students, and 53 per cent of the 15 third-year students, as well. This curriculum is structured around a 6-year programme that includes field training while receiving accreditation from the Australian Dental Council after the commencement of the first batch.  


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