The Last of Us TV series: Jackson filming location impresses in pictures

In new images for the TV series “The Last of Us”, one of the locations of the post-apocalypse comes into focus. And the similarities are amazing.

The shooting of a promising TV series based on Naughty Dogs “The Last of Us” is still in progress. And we regularly receive pictures from the set. After the actors involved have mostly attracted interest in the past few weeks, one of the selected locations can also impress on new impressions.

The shooting is currently taking place in Canmore, Canada, which in some places looks quite convincing like the post-apocalyptic Jackson. Throughout November, “The Last of Us” will be filmed in several locations in this city. And how similar the setting and the game template are shown in the TV series is made clear by the following tweet:

The TV series and the video game “The Last of Us” are also very similar in other places, as the following tweet shows. In addition, various parts of the location are explicitly adapted to the template. Tents, common areas and equipment were set up in the city. And aesthetic changes should take place in the coming days, it says on the Twitter channel The Last of Us on HBO status.

The shooting of “The Last of Us” has been going on for a few months and the series is slated to start next year. If the rumors prove to be true, then a budget has been set for one eight-tier format shoveled free.

More about the TV series from The Last of Us:

The TV series is produced in collaboration with PlayStation Productions – a company founded by Sony Interactive Entertainment with the aim of incorporating the company’s most important game brands into films and series. More about “The Last of Us”, including numerous pictures from the location, is summarized in the linked topic overview.

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