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Umrah tours from Qatar to Saudi Arabia has been resumed 

Umrah tours from Qatar to Saudi Arabia for pilgrims have started as licensed Umrah tour operators have resumed arranging Umrah tours.

Ali Sultan Al Misifiri, Head of Haj and Umrah Department at the Ministry said, “The Umrah tour operators licensed by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs are allowed to arrange Umrah trips. Indeed some tour operators arranged trips for pilgrims including expatriates residing in Qatar, according to the requirements by Saudi authorities.”

“Expatriates are allowed to go on Umrah pilgrimage only through authorised Umrah tour operators who are responsible to get issuance of visas, obtain permissions and follow other procedures required,” said Al Misifiri. A hotline (132) has been established by the Ministry to provide information to Umrah pilgrims.

“The pilgrim will then head to Enaya office to collect e-bracelet, a permission to perform Umrah pilgrimage and offer five-time prayers in Masjid Al Haram, also known as the Great Mosque of Makkah. Enaya offices are available at 10 hotels in Makkah to facilitate the pilgrims,” said Al Misifiri. He noted that Umrah pilgrims inside Saudi Arabia should register on the Muqeem portal as well as the ‘Tawakkalna’ and ‘Eatmarna’ apps.

“The latest procedures for pilgrims are registering on ‘Muqeem’ portal and ‘Tawakkalna’ and Eatmarna apps. So far, these are the procedures that we have been informed by the Saudi authorities,” said Al Misifiri.

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