Update 1.0.0 significantly postponed and refunds

The next setback has been announced for “eFootball 2022”. The update 1.0.0 will not be released until next year. Premium Pack buyers will receive a refund.

After the disappointing launch of “eFootball 2022” and the Postponement of update 0.91 Fans of the former “PES” series have to accept another delay. According to the original plans, the Free-to-Play should be brought this year with an update to version 1.0.0 and thus receive a more complete range of functions. But nothing will come of it, as Konami announced today on Twitter.

The update 1.0.0 for “eFootball 2022” planned for mid-November 2021 has been postponed by a few months and will only be made available for download in spring 2022.

Premium Player Pack will be refunded

Especially buyers of the 40 Euro premium player packs had hoped for the promised content, which shifted significantly due to the delay. However, the Japanese publisher pulled the rip cord at this point and announced an automatic refund.

In the Twitter statement, the whole thing sounds like this: “We are also announcing the cancellation and automatic refund of eFootball 2022 Premium Player Pack pre-orders that contained items that can only be used in the game after the update to version 1.0.0.”

Konami wants to work “as hard as possible” to provide eFootball 2022 players with a gaming experience that “players expect and deserve” by spring 2022. The company apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

eFootball 2022 was launched unfinished

Even before the launch, Konami emphasized that the new football game Corresponds to a demo “in many ways”. But they wanted to make “eFootball 2022” accessible “as early as possible”. This came with a limited number of teams and modes that would later be completed.

Among other things, the Creative League, a tour event, online quick matches and an online match lobby are planned for “eFootball”. There are also other types of players. A list of the planned features can be found in this message.

More about eFootball 2022:

After the “PES” series was positioned behind the dominant “FIFA” series in recent years, at least from a commercial point of view, “FIFA 21” appears to be assuming a dominant role due to the bumpy market start of “eFootball 2022”. But things are not going smoothly at EA Sports either. The soccer games from EA soon to have a different name.

More messages too .

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