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WhatsApp: mute chat and groups – forever!

Not every WhatsApp contact or group is also interesting. You keep in contact out of politeness, but what comes from that direction is actually annoying. With WhatsApp you can mute individual chats of your contacts or WhatsApp groups – even forever.

It used to be possible to mute WhatsApp for a maximum of one year. But with some chats or groups you just know that it is best to deactivate the notifications permanently. This will not block a WhatsApp contact! GIGA shows you how to do it.

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Mute the WhatsApp chats of individual contacts

You can mute WhatsApp contacts because they are annoying or because you don’t want anyone to notice when they are texting you. Don’t worry, your contact won’t see that you’ve muted them. To turn off the notifications and mute a chat with an individual in WhatsApp, do the following:

Opens the chat with that person. Is typing on the top right on the three dots (⁝) to get the menu to open. In the menu tap on “ mute“. Now this selection opens:

Determine there for how long you want to mute this person and press “OK“. The choices are “8 hours, 1 week and always“. The option “1 year“Has been dropped. The option “show notifications“Ensures that you don’t hear a sound from this person, but at least a message window pops up.

From now on you will no longer be notified of new comments from your contact. In the chat overview, the counter of the messages is still displayed, but you neither hear a sound nor a number appears on the WhatsApp icon.

Disable notifications for WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp groups in particular produce a particularly large number of messages during the day and you will be notified accordingly often. That can be annoying when you’re working. It is recommended that you mute such groups. That is very easy:

Opens the group chat and tap on the top three points (⁝) for the menu. There you tap on “ mute“. The selection menu gives you the option to set the notifications for group “8 hours, 1 week or always“To deactivate. If you check “show notifications“, Incoming messages are signaled through a window and a counter appears on the WhatsApp icon, but no message tone is played. Finally tap on “OK“To save your setting.

Stop mute WhatsApp

If you want to unmute WhatsApp, it works similarly:

Opens the chat or group. Is typing top right on the menu icon with the three dots (⁝). Tap in the menu on “no longer mute“.

Nothing more is necessary. From now on you will receive a notification again when a message arrives in this chat.

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