XP booster withdrawn after player headwinds

About three weeks ago, Square Enix and the developers of Crystal Dynamics introduced the purchase of XP boosters, breaking a promise made prior to the official release of “Marvel’s Avengers”. After the community massively criticized the new microtransactions, those responsible now rowed back and removed the XP boosters from the in-game shop.

Months before the official release, Square Enix and the developers of Crystal Dynamics promised that “Marvel’s Avengers” would do without Pay2Win mechanics of any kind and that microtransactions would only be limited to cosmetic extras.

However, this promise should not last forever. Instead, those responsible announced boosters almost three weeks ago, which will immediately find their way to the in-game shop of “Marvel’s Avengers” found. The boosters could be purchased for real money and increased the number of experience points and resources that could be collected by the players for a certain period of time. Due to the different promises on the part of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, it goes without saying that the introduction of the boosters was anything but positive by the “Marvel’s Avengers” community.

Developers row back and apologize

This evening the surprise followed: As was admitted in the context of an official statement, due to the headwind of the players, those responsible decided to reverse their decision and to remove the boosters from the “Marvel’s Avengers” in-game shop. At the same time, the developers took the opportunity to apologize to the players. According to today’s statement, the boosters did not see any Pay2Win mechanics, but instead only a method to increase the existing player base.

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Since the developers of Crystal Dynamics, according to their own statements, feel obliged to the feedback of the players, they came to the conclusion internally to remove the buyable boosters. It also says that in the future these can only be earned in the game itself. If you have purchased boosters, you can of course still use them. As of this evening, no more can be bought in the shop.

“Marvel’s Avengers” is available for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X / S and Google’s streaming service Stadia.

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