AMLO announces regularization of “chocolate cars” in states bordering the United States

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that shortly will sign an agreement to regularize the so-called “chocolate cars”Used cars that were mostly bought in the United States, of brands or models that are not marketed in Mexico, and that do not have legal documents and driving permits.

“Weekend I am going to sign an agreement to regularize the cars that are already in Mexico, irregular cars, they are going to be regularized because they are sometimes used to commit illicitIf there is no registry, then we are going to regularize all of them, we are going to give a permit, they are going to be recognized as having the vehicle, they are going to pay an amount, not excessive, fair, because there are also many people who use those cars because you don’t have to buy an agency car, “he said.

The Mexican president announced that the first states that will receive this benefit of regularization of these cars will be those located on the border with the United States.

Let’s start with the seven border states and then we are going to see other mechanisms for the rest of the states, “said the Mexican president in his morning conference.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador He specified that the money that is collected will be destined to the same states for road improvement and pothole work.

We are going to make a registration, an inscription of all those cars, they are going to pay a fee, a contribution, a contribution, and that resource is going to be left to the states so that they can use it precisely to improve the streets, now it is going to be labeled so that there are no potholes ”, he assured.

Next Friday, October 15, the Mexican president will carry out a three-day working tour in Baja California where it is expected that he will sign this agreement to begin the regularization of the “chocolate cars”.

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