Apple has found a way to force you to repair your iPhone 13 with it


It is very possible that by breaking the screen of your next iPhone 13 you will find yourself in a problem. Manzana has found a way to force you to repair your phone with it …

YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru shared a new video showing the disassembly of the new iPhone 13 to delve deep into the guts of Apple’s new phone, and found something they described as something “Catastrophic for the repair of third parties”.

The channel warns that when an independent repair shop might try to replace a broken screen on the new iPhone 13, Face ID will stop working. “Important screen message”says a pop-up message on iPhone 13. “Can’t verify that this iPhone has an original Apple screen”. At that point, forget about your Face ID.

9to5Mac He also confirmed that replacing a broken Apple screen with a replica will disable this feature on the iPhone 13, but ensures that by exchanging the “Microphone, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor” No need to worry.

Phone Repair Guru also points out that “There are some additional steps” so that a repair shop can make Face ID work but that does indicate that the process would be “Too sophisticated” for most users or third parties who try.

While in the United States the initiative to “Right to reparation”, in Mexico, people’s rights over their own devices are being limited with the implementation of the T-MEC (Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada) and the new Federal Copyright Law (LFDA).


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