Artworks for the discontinued “Project Sabbath” show an aged Bruce Wayne

A few years ago, the developers at WB Games Montreal were working on a new “Batman” title, which was internally codenamed “Project Sabbath” and discontinued without giving any reason. As the artwork has now emerged, the story should indeed revolve around an aged version of Bruce Wayne.

Batman: Artwork for the discontinued “Project Sabbath” shows an aged Bruce Wayne

After the release of “Batman: Arkham Knight” in 2015, the next adventure of the Dark Knight was created by the Canadian developers of WB Games Montreal.

Internally, the title went under the project name “Project Sabbath” and should, according to unconfirmed reports, focus on an aged version of Batman or billionaire Bruce Wayne. In addition, it was reported that Terry McGinnis from “Batman Beyond” could be part of the party and could keep Gotham City in order instead of the aging Bruce Wayne. There was also speculation about an appearance by Damian Wayne as the new Batman.

Artworks for the discontinued project appeared

The rumors about the “Batman” title with an aging Bruce Wayne are underpinned by freshly surfaced artwork. These are available for viewing in our gallery and show not only a visibly aged Bruce Wayne or Batman but also the younger version of the popular superhero.

On the subject: Gotham Knights: limited release period?

How things will continue for Batman in the world of video games remains to be seen. The developers of WB Games Montreal are currently working on “Gotham Knights”, which will be released in 2022 and tell a story in which Batman blessed the temporal. So it is now up to Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing and of course Robin to fight organized crime in Gotham City.

“Gotham Knights” has not yet received a specific release date.

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