Clichés have to be broken, says the “Village” director

What will happen to “Resident Evil” in the future? Even the director of the newest branch has no correct answer to that. However, horror clichés would have to be broken for a worthy sequel.

Resident Evil 9: Clichés have to be broken, says the

With the huge success of the Resident Evil franchise, it’s only a matter of time before Capcom announces the next major offshoot. However, the game director of the current offshoot has no exact idea how exactly the franchise could continue. In any case, clichés should not be taken up. In an interview with the Famitsu, he expressed his thoughts on this.

No concrete ideas yet

“I’m still thinking about the basic question: what is horror? There are certain clichés about classic horror creatures, scenarios, and executions, but fear is essentially a primitive response to an unpredictable or uncertain event. Therefore, I have the feeling that there will only be a new feeling of horror or a new Resident Evil if you break these clichés ”, so the train of thought of the Capcom developer.

Over the years, those responsible have always tried to further develop the series and introduce innovations. With the fourth part, Capcom has decided to completely realign the franchise. For this, the gameplay was turned inside out and an action-oriented approach was followed. After two more offshoots, the decision was made again to change the orientation and ultimately returned to the well-known horror.

The ninth part could form a trilogy with the two predecessors and close the story of Ethan Winters. According to industry insider Dusk Golem, this could be the last numbered offshoot. After that, the developers may focus on smaller storylines that are unrelated to the previous parts.

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It looks like you’re allowed to get on in the foreseeable future free DLCs look forward to “Resident Evil Village”. This was recently hinted at by Yoichi Egawa from development management.

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