Colin Powell’s message to Bob Woodward about his health battles

In July, the former African-American Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, gave a interview with journalist Bob Woodward, which it is believed was the last of the former official before he died.

In it, Powell opened up about health issues that I had to face. “Don’t feel sorry for me, for God’s sake, “he asked after telling him about his fight multiple myeloma for almost two years. It is a cancer of the plasma cells, and it suppresses the body’s immune response.

I also had Parkinson’s.

Powell then stated that came on his own to undergo medical exams that they required. “I don’t advertise, I don’t advertise about it, but most of my friends know.”

In the exchange, another of the topics they address is the attack on capitol on January 6, which Powell considered “horrible”.

On withdrawal from AfghanistanHe said he had no problem.

Confessed that the best person I knew “is Alma Powell”, with whom he had a marriage of 58 years.

The interview was resumed by media such as CNN, after the former secretary of state died of complications related to the covid-19 at 84 years old.

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