Joe Biden looks to move forward with his social spending plan

Joe Biden hopes to travel to the G20 summit in Rome

Joe Biden hopes to travel to the G20 summit in Rome

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With the intention of carrying out his social spending plan, the President of the United States, Joe biden, this Sunday hurried negotiations with the moderate wing of the Democrats, before leaving on his trip for the G20 meeting in Rome.

One of the president’s main priorities is the $ 2 trillion social spending plan, before he leaves on a trip at the end of the week to participate in the summit of the leaders of the G20 in Rome.

This plan by the US president contemplates increasing spending on health, caring for minors and the elderly, improving education and dealing with the climate crisis, among other aspects.

The progressives demanded a more bulky plan, while the moderates considered it excessive. If he manages to carry out this plan in the Senate, it will be through a legislative formula that allows the approval of a bill with a simple majority of 50 votes.


Biden stated in a speech he posted on his Twitter social network that “for the last four years, every month was infrastructure month, but nothing happened. We cannot afford to sit while other countries pass us by ”.


The G20 summit will be held on October 30 and 31 in Rome and will cover the topics: health, foreign trade, environment and social inclusion.

These four topics are on the G20 agenda for the Rome Summit, which will bring together the leaders of the world’s largest economies, either in person or online.

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