Leaving a game early will in future be punished with a “death point”

As the developers of Respawn Entertainment confirmed at the request of a user, the premature leaving of running “Apex Legends” games will in future also be sanctioned with “death points”. In addition, players report that the aiming aid of the Battle Royal Shooter has been noticeably reduced in the current season.

Apex Legends: Leaving a game early will in future be punished with a

The eleventh season of the Battle Royal Shooter “Apex Legends” developed by Respawn Entertainment was launched this week under the name “Escape”.

As the players report, small adjustments to the game mechanics found their way into “Apex Legends” with the new season. Accordingly, the aiming aid for players who make the battlefield unsafe with a controller has been reduced, which, according to the players, means that opponents are much more difficult to hit. In addition, there is talk of the crosshair now behaving much more “wobbly” and thus making aiming even more difficult. The changes to the aiming aid are not mentioned in the official changelog of the eleventh season.

Developers want to take action against game abandonment

It therefore remains to be seen whether and in what form the developers of Respawn Entertainment will lend a hand again and undo the changes. On the other hand, it is already clear that those responsible behind “Apex Legends” want to take action against players who leave a running game prematurely in the future. In particular, players who are struck down often do not wait to be resuscitated and instead leave the game.

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From the next season onwards, players will be punished with a “death point” for this offense, while the opponents will receive a kill / assist point. A step with which the premature leaving of a game and the associated disadvantages for the remaining two players should be reduced.

“Apex Legends” is available for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo’s Switch.

Source: Gamefront

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