Nicolás Maduro accuses the US of giving a “fatal stab” to the dialogue in Mexico in the case of Alex Saab

Nicolás Maduro's government announced the suspension of dialogues in Mexico with opponents after the arrest of Alex Saab.

Nicolás Maduro’s government announced the suspension of dialogues in Mexico with opponents after the arrest of Alex Saab.


He presidete from Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, accused the US of giving a “fatal stab” to the dialogue that was taking place in Mexico between the ruling Chavismo and the opposition, after receiving Extradited Colombian businessman Álex Saab – defended as a diplomat by the Venezuelan Government – of course money laundering.

“The United States Government knew that by kidnapping Álex Saab, a member of the Mexican dialogue commission, he was putting a fatal stab at the dialogues and negotiations in Mexico, the United States Government knew it and acted, they knew it, they do not want to dialogue, they do not want peace for Venezuela, “said Maduro.

In a broadcast through the state channel VTV, The president reiterated that he ordered the suspension of the dialogue, which had planned a fourth round of meetings, as a result of the extradition by Cape Verde of Saab, which it considers a kidnapping.

He also defended Saab, whom Venezuela named as another member of the dialogue commission while he was detained in Cape Verde, as an “innocent, clean and hardworking” man, and accused the North American country of torturing and beating him during his arrest in the African country.

According to Maduro, Saab was the man in charge of getting medicines, food and gasoline when they were scarce in the country, a task that he used, according to the US, to launder money.

“They took him to an unhealthy filthy jail and they put him in the dark in a hole full of excrement, of rats, like the worst horror movie and members of the United States Government tortured him for long days, beat him, they broke three molars, ”he said.

The Colombian businessman was arrested on June 12, 2020 in Cape Verde under an arrest warrant issued through Interpol by the US and was extradited to the North American country on Saturday.

Saab is charged with seven counts of laundering and one more of conspiracy to launder And, in addition, since May 2019, it has been sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury.

For Maduro, his extradition is “one of the most ignoble and vulgar injustices that has been committed in recent decades and in the world.”

In addition, he warned that “if the imperialists believe that we are going to surrender to surrender they are very wrong (…) now we have the strength, morality, to hit the empire and to tell Álex, wherever they have him kidnapped in the state of Florida (…), tell him that there is a people here that supports you ”.

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