Release date and Collector’s Edition announced

“Elex 2” didn’t just get a release date today. Piranha Bytes also made the Collector’s Edition of the title official.

Elex 2: Release date and Collector's Edition announced

Piranha Bytes is preparing for the release of a new part of the relatively young “Elex” series. And meanwhile the title got an appointment. “Elex 2” will therefore be released on March 1, 2022 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles as well as for the PC.

Collector’s Edition announced

A collective version of “Elex 2” was also announced today. Accordingly, the title will also be launched as a Collector’s Edition, which you can get into your possession for around 150 euros. The contents include a figure of about 23 centimeters from the Alb. Buyers also receive the official soundtrack and a key ring. The following is an overview of the contents:

The contents of the Collector’s Edition of Elex 2:

  • A copy of the game
  • An Alb figure about 23 centimeters high
  • The official soundtrack for the game on CD
  • The official artbook
  • A key ring about 5 centimeters in size in the shape of a cleric amulet
  • A steelbook
  • A concept album by Björn Pankratz called “Cassandra” on CD

“Elex 2” is a continuation of “Elex”, which in 2017 did not get very good ratings. The metascore of the PS4 version is 58. The sequel returns to the post-apocalyptic science-fantasy world of Magalan. According to the manufacturer, you can expect huge environments that can be explored by jetpack. According to Piranha Bytes, you can move freely through the surroundings.

More news about Elex 2:

To the plot: A few years after Jax defeated the hybrid, a new threat comes from the sky, unleashing the dangerous powers of the dark Elex and threatening all life on the planet. To defend the peace on Magalan and the safety of his own family, Jax goes on a mission to convince the factions to unite against the invaders. He also goes on a personal search for his son Dex, who was separated from him. Below is a new video for “Elex 2”:

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