Resplendent One Vanderbilt Skyscraper Opens “Summit” Lookout

It is located on the 91st floor of the skyscraper "One Vanderbilt"                                     Jorge Fuentelsaz / EFE

It is located on the 91st floor of the “One Vanderbilt” skyscraper Jorge Fuentelsaz / EFE

Photo: Jorge Fuentelsaz / EFE

In the heart of Manhattan, where the glittering skyscraper is located “One Vanderbilt”, inaugurated this Thursday a kaleidoscopic viewpoint on the 91st floor that marvels with its wide mirrors, where you can admire the infinity of the sky and the great New York city.

The viewpoint named “Summit” (summit) was developed with a project by the New York artist Kenzo Digital: “Aire”.

Three walls are mirrored and the fourth is air, with Art Deco style, which impressed those attending the inauguration, who took the opportunity to photograph the Big Apple from above.


“It is built with the intention of connecting people with each other and with their friends, through sheer curiosity and wonder, and it is also a place destined to inspire people and connect them with the natural world,” Kenzo Digital told Efe. .

Kenzo also designed a room, where some metallic balloons are added that are kept suspended while the visitor walks through the place, creating a feeling of fantasy and dreams, which promises to be another paradise in the city.

People watch the Big Apple from the new “Summit” lookout. / Photo: Jorge Fuentelsaz / EFE

“Aire is a story designed in such a way that you are the protagonist, in a way in which everyone has their own experience, because the space is different every time you come and you will always have a different story,” says the artist.

“Summit” is the name given to the 6,000-square-meter environments, distributed between floors 91 and 93, from where you can enjoy the views from 1,063 feet (324 meters) above Grand Central Station, and which groups together the project “Aire”, the experience designed by Kenzo Digital.

The inauguration was attended by local politicians, such as the preferred candidate to become the next mayor of New York, Eric Adamas, or the executive director of SL Green, Marc Hollyday, Manhattan’s largest office owner and project manager, who said 90% of the skyscraper’s space has already been rented.

With information from EFE

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