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The duration of immunity to COVID-19 decreases gradually after receiving the second dose

The Ministry of Public Health announced that, in order to protect the health and safety of the population, it was decided to amend the duration of acquired immunity from vaccines against coronavirus (Covid-19) from 12 months to 9 months from the date of receiving the second dose of the vaccine, based on what studies have shown. The new medical report indicated that the protective immunity against infection with the “Covid-19” virus, acquired from vaccines, begins to decline six months after receiving the second dose.
The Ministry indicated that this procedure will be implemented from the first of February of next year 2022, as people who have exceeded the period of 9 months after receiving the second dose of the anti-Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines approved in the country will be considered not immune, and therefore they will be automatically considered Cancellation of the golden framework in their “Ehteraz” application, indicating that the golden framework will continue for an additional nine months in the application in the event that these people receive the third booster dose. This measure is also in line with the preventive measures taken by other countries in the region and around the world to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
The Ministry of Public Health noted that after the appearance of the first cases of the “omicron” mutant in the State of Qatar, in addition to the increase in the number of daily registered cases of Covid-19 during the past two months, this period is critical in fighting the virus, which confirms the importance of all eligible individuals receiving the booster dose without any delay, She also confirmed that recent studies show the effectiveness of booster doses in preventing severe infection of the “Omicron” and other mutant mutants.
The booster doses are given to individuals who have been receiving the second dose for six months or more, and so far more than 240,000 booster doses have been safely administered in the State of Qatar without any severe side effects reported.
The Ministry of Public Health also announced its intention to increase the absorptive capacity of the national program for vaccination against Covid-19 by opening the Qatar Vaccination Center dedicated to the business and industry sector in the Bu Qarn area, which will be inaugurated on Sunday, January 9, 2022, which is dedicated to providing (Covid-19) vaccines to essential employees business and industry sectors. The establishment of this new facility is the result of cooperation between the Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation and the Primary Health Care Corporation, with the support of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and ConocoPhillips Qatar, which has a capacity to provide up to 30,000 doses per day of anti-Coronavirus vaccines. (Covid-19) for eligible persons.
The new vaccination center operates according to the pre-appointment system, and companies can book vaccination appointments for their eligible employees by communicating via e-mail: QVC@hamad.qa.
The Ministry also confirmed that the booster doses are available in all health centers, and the Primary Health Care Corporation is directly contacting qualified persons to obtain the booster doses to book appointments for them, and the qualified persons who have not been contacted can contact the PHCC hotline at 40277077 or use the application “We take care of you” to book an appointment, as a prior appointment must be obtained before visiting the health center.

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