The US reiterates that it will not negotiate with the kidnappers of US missionaries in Haiti

Tires burned during a general strike to denounce insecurity in Port-au-Prince.

Tires burned during a general strike to denounce insecurity in Port-au-Prince.

Photo: RICHARD PIERRIN / AFP / Getty Images

WASHINGTON – The United States reiterated Tuesday that its policy is “not to negotiate” with those who kidnap its citizens and stated that his goal is “Bring home” the 16 American missionaries and one Canadian who have been captured in Haiti.

This is how the White House spokeswoman spoke at a press conference, Jen psaki, who did not enter to value the $ 17 million dollars claimed by the 400 Mawozo band to free the missionaries he kidnapped last Saturday on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

Asked if Washington remains firm in its principle of not negotiating with kidnappers, Psaki said that this “is still the policy” and reiterated that the objective continues to be “to bring them home”, although he refused to go into details to safeguard the safety of the hostages..

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, the Haitian Minister of Justice, Liszt Quitel, He explained on Tuesday that the FBI and the Haitian Police are in contact with the 400 Mawozo gang.

The missionaries were kidnapped while traveling by bus after visiting an orphanage.

Among the hostages are five children and twelve adults from the missionary organizations Christian Aid Ministries, based in the state of Ohio, in the Midwest of the United States.

The CNN television network, which also spoke to Quitel, said Tuesday that the kidnappers first contacted Christian Aid Ministries at 4:43 p.m. local time (8:43 GMT) on Saturday to communicate their ransom request.

Since that first call, the minister indicated that there have been several more.

Quitel added that the FBI, which has dispatched agents on the ground, and Haitian police negotiators are advising the religious group on how to proceed.

Despite being in Haiti, the FBI is not leading these negotiations with the kidnappers and has not been in direct contact with them.

Still, “the kidnappers have been warned about the consequences of harming the hostages,” Quitel said.

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