VIDEO: Colombian Army fires from helicopter gunships to arrest Otoniel, of the Clan del Golfo

Capture of Otoniel from the Gulf Clan.

Capture of Otoniel from the Gulf Clan.

Photo: Colombia Oscura video capture. / Courtesy

The capture of Dairo Antonio Úsuga, alias Otoniel, the main ringleader of the largest criminal gang in Colombia, the Gulf Clan, dedicated to drug trafficking and other illegal activities, ends a criminal career in different organizations in that country.

For years, alias Otoniel managed to evade the Army and the Police, which developed innumerable operations in the Urabá area (northwest), despite the fact that the Colombian Government offered a reward of up to 3,000 million pesos (almost $ 800,000 dollars) and the American, $ 5 million.

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In social networks Videos of his capture circulated showing helicopter gunships firing at the ground where the drug trafficker was allegedly located and the people who protected him.

The The capo has been on the “Clinton List” in the United States since 2013, along with the most dangerous drug traffickers and money launderers in the world., and the gang he led, also known as Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia (AGC), has more than 3,000 members, according to intelligence agencies.

“With this blow to alias ‘Otoniel’ in Operation Osiris the end of the Gulf Clan is marked and all those who have belonged to this criminal structure the message is clear and forceful: either they submit to Justice immediately or everything will fall. the weight of the law, “said Colombian President Iván Duque, confirming the capture.

According to the Government, Clan del Golfo is responsible for shipping tons of cocaine to the United States, as well as setting up a criminal network dedicated to collecting extortions from businessmen and merchants in the Urabá region, on the border with Panama, and mainly on the Atlantic coast.

With information from EFE

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