VIDEO: “Let them break his ma …”, that’s how they shot down the Tigre, leader of the Gulf Cartel

Videos of the moment in which he was killed after the shootings circulated on social networks Ariel Treviño Peña, alias el Tigre, one of the leaders of the Gulf Cartel (CDG).

In addition to the Tigre, two other members of the Gulf Cartel and an innocent woman died in the clashes, in which four gunmen were arrested, reported the State Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace, which brings together police and military corporations.

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Let them break his ma (…) units do not throw let them do it shit“… Is heard in one of the communications from authorities during confrontations where the Tigre of the Gulf Cartel was killed.

Treviño was one of the priority criminal targets of the Government of Tamaulipas and the security agencies of the United States.

El Tigre was the head of the plaza of the Gulf Cartel in the municipality of Nuevo Progreso, a border city located between Reynosa and Matamoros, and which is dominated by the Scorpiones cell, one of the groups that violently dispute control of the cartel.

The authorities indicated that the leader also identified himself as Javier Enrique Hernández Gutiérrez or Francisco Hernández Martínez.

The violence erupted after Treviño and his gunmen attacked state and military police.

The hitmen attacked elements that were carrying out patrols, which unleashed persecutions and criminals carried out violent roadblocks, in which vehicles were stolen and set on fire, in at least 15 points to obstruct the arrival of official reinforcements.

In videos that circulated on social networks, men, women and children could be seen lying on the business floor taking cover.

The innocent who died was identified as Sonia Grimaldo Velasco, president of the Honor and Justice Commission of the Ciudad Victoria City Council Union, who was in Matamoros for a convention, and was shot while moving from her hotel to an event room.

Two more people were injured, including a minor. All have already been discharged.

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