AMLO will send a letter to the WHO to request that it expedite the endorsement of vaccines against COVID-19

AMLO asks WHO to approve vaccines against COVID-19 so that more people can travel to the US.

AMLO asks WHO to approve vaccines against COVID-19 so that more people can travel to the US.

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For the second day in a row, The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, called on the World Health Organization to put aside political issues and approve all vaccines against the disease as soon as possible. COVID-19 that have proven their effectiveness, a situation that will allow more people to travel and enter countries like the United States.

“Without political, ideological interests, attached to science, they (the WHO) should already authorize, but it is not possible that because there is a vaccine that is produced in a country, with a political system, they try to marginalize itWhen that vaccine is being used in many countries and has shown that it helps and that it does not harm, they are organizations that should not even remotely get involved in political affairs, ”he mentioned.

“Hopefully and as soon as possible they finish doing their analysis and it is approved that these vaccines are authorized so that we can travel everywhere,” he said.

From the National Palace, the Mexican president said that in case the WHO does not heed his call, he will see the need to send a letter to the organization.

It is already the second day that I am reminding you and maybe I will send you a letter so that you do not delay and it is authorizedOf course with all the security measures but it cannot be possible that they take so long, in addition the sample that was applied is of millions of people … What is it not known that, fortunately, there were no serious cases due to a reaction from the vaccine? and now solve, “he emphasized.

The calls of Andrés Manuel López Obrador towards the health organization arise once The United States announced that the borders with Mexico and Canada will open in November for non-essential travelHowever, only people who are vaccinated with doses approved by the WHO may enter the United States.

The United States has already accepted that they can enter vaccinated with applied doses of vaccines not made by them, because before they said Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson, they have already accepted AstraZeneca, they have already accepted other vaccines and made a decision that I welcome, a good decision that will allow entry to those who are vaccinated with the vaccines authorized by the World Health Organization. Health, “he commented.

Yesterday, during his press conference, the Mexican president spoke for the first time for the WHO to expedite the approval “without political or ideological overtones” of all anticovid vaccines.

That the World Health Organization already hurries because it has been in the process for a long time and there are vaccines that still do not have authorization from the WHO, that have been applied and that have saved lives, and most importantly: that there are no reports in the world that have caused damage, “he said.

“The World Health Organization has to act with rectitude, without political or ideological tendencies, with adherence to science,” he said.

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