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Another one: The International Olympic Committee is “concerned” about changing the World Cup every two years

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) showed this Saturday its concern about the negative impact that the organization of a Soccer World Cup every two years, as FIFA studies for the future.

Through an official statement, and after the meeting of its Executive Committee, the IOC explained that several international federations of other sports as well as national football federations, clubs, players, players’ associations and coaches, expressed their “Strong reservations and concerns” regarding the plans “Generate more revenue for FIFA” through a World Cup every two years.

The three reasons that the international body argued why it would be detrimental to reduce the time between World Cups are, in his opinion, the impact on other sports, gender equality and the well-being of the players.

Regarding the first, he stated that the increase in the frequency and timing of the World Cup would create a clash with other major international sports: “This includes tennis, cycling, golf, gymnastics, swimming, athletics. , Formula 1 and many others. This would undermine the diversity and development of sports other than soccer, ”the IOC said.

Regarding the second, gender equality, he explained that the increase in men’s events on the calendar would create problems for the promotion of women’s football.

And, on the third, he noted that plans to double the frequency of the World Cup would create a “new and enormous pressure” on the physical and mental health of the players.

“The IOC shares these concerns and supports appeals from football stakeholders, of the international sports federations and of the organizers of major events so that a broader consultation is carried out, which includes the representatives of the athletes and that obviously has not been carried out ”, the IOC concluded in the aforementioned statement.


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