Airline canceled 1,800 flights due to bad weather in the United States

Southwest Airlines had already canceled a large number of flights in June and July.

Southwest Airlines had already canceled a large number of flights in June and July.

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Southwest Airlines, one of the largest low-cost airlines in the United States, canceled about 1,800 flights between Saturday and Sunday in the country, which it attributed to problems in its operations due to bad weather and traffic control problems.

Southwest’s cancellation volume, collected by the FlightAware portal, contrasts with the low figures of other domestic airlines And it comes at a time of tension with its pilots union due to the recent order to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to local media.

“Air traffic control problems and disruptive weather have led to a high volume of cancellations over the weekend while we work to recover our operations“The airline said on its Twitter account this Saturday, when it stopped about 800 flights.

However, this Sunday there have been a thousand additional cancellations of the airline that have altered the trips of numerous customers in the face of the Columbus Day holiday -festive this Monday in the country- and forced to the airspace regulator to pronounce.

This Sunday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sought to distance itself from the powers of the firm with a message from Twitter: “Some airlines still have scheduling problems because their ships and workers are out of place ”.

There has been no reported shortage of FAA air traffic workers since Friday. There were delays and flight cancellations for a few hours at the end of Friday due to widespread bad weather, military training and workforce limitations ”in Jacksonville, Florida, he added.

For its part, the company’s pilots union (SWAPA) said it had news about the “operational difficulties”Of Southwest for“ different problems ”and denied that its members were participating in“ official or unofficial actions ”.

Our pilots will continue to overcome poor planning by SWA directors and to any external challenge for operations, ”the union, which represents 10,000 pilots, said in a note this Saturday.

Southwest Airlines this week told its employees that they should be vaccinated as soon as possible following the federal directive of the US Government, to which the pilots union has denounced the firm, claiming that it has taken “unilateral actions“, Including the requirement to be vaccinated.

The airline, one of the largest in the country, has already experienced a high volume of cancellations in June and July, and announced that it would schedule fewer flights for the fall season.

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